Please be advised to bring the following documents to apply for a Machine Readable Passport through Live Enrollment if you like to replace your hand written passport with Machine Readable Passport (MRP) or all the pages in your handwritten/Machine Readable passport have already been used up or the passport is damaged or lost:

  1. Your original Nepalese Citizenship certificate or its copy
  2. Your current original passport and its photocopy
  3. A copy of your UAE visa page
  4. An application form
  5. In case of infant, two duly filled up MRP forms with two photographs along with original birth certificate, copies of marriage certificate, citizenship certificate, passport and current visa of the parents
  6. In case of lost of passport, you have to bring Police report and a letter from your company if the company lose yor passport
  7. AED 200.00 for normal renewal/issuance and AED 400.00 for renewing lost/damaged passports
  8. Self-presence of the applicant is mandatory